Silvia Gonzalez is an Artist and Educator living in Chicago creating zines and curating workshops to address structures of power, imagination, play, confinement, and freedom. Collaborative justice based projects include work with local art groups such as the Chicago ACT (Artist Creating Transformation) collective and the 96 Acres Project, led by the Artist Maria Gaspar. Silvia Gonzalez has experience organizing educational workshops that centralize creative work with intergenerational participants interested in critically disrupting current power imbalances.  Silvia Gonzalez has experience teaching and organizing community arts-based programming and workshops for Woman Made Gallery's 20 Neighborhoods Project in Albany Park, The Jane Addams Hull House for Cities of Peace, Northwestern Academy, The Art Institute's Ryan Education Teacher Programs, Street Level Youth Media, Gallery 400, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, Hyde Park Art Center and as a  full-time educator in Chicago's public and private school settings.
Undergraduate work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign included a degree in Photography and another in Art Education. Graduate work at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago included a thesis on the work done with the  96 Acres Project, describing methodologies for engaging radical possibility frameworks with young people. By engaging community knowledge and grassroots justice work in the classroom, young people are encouraged to consider the ways in which artistic intervention, storytelling, and education become multiple and interconnected points for liberatory departure.
Her writing and performance work is an attempt at translating the process of creating an identity through nostalgia and narrative.  It references justice work, trauma, healing, history, xicanidad, the nepantla state,  and afro-futurist inspired ideals
Silvia Gonzalez offers workshops, lectures, curation of art and justice based programming, as well as art, education, and youth work consultation. Please share the date and booking details if you are interested in workshop facilitation or speaking engagements services that include a proposed honorarium or stipend proposal. Please note that any opportunity outside of Chicago must include financial support and or reimbursement for travel and lodging. 
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