K-8th Grade Art and Social Justice

Working with students as community agents capable of critically addressing challenges impacting their own communities. Developing and implementing curriculum that incorporates social justice within the arts by referencing history, grassroots movements, and local efforts. Imagine an art space where... Kids are super heroes, learn about matriarchal societies, interpret movement by dancing to the colors and rhythms of Brazilian paintings, meditate and dream within Japanese landscape paintings, write and illustrate stories on what happens when the moon meets the mountain, host parties on paper through the collage process, relate personal narratives, create infographics on police brutality, study Chican@ Art History themes of duality, challenging borders, recite In Lak Ech, take the learning from classroom to concrete and draw outdoors, discuss art, power and space, imagine what it means to reclaim and re-imagine space, learn about artist obsessions with cakes, cans, and cats, and so so much more!

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