Woman Made Gallery hosted 20 Neighborhoods project for a second year of art-making and community-building, this time united under the theme “A City of Communities.” As part of Chicago Artists Month, all of the groups came together for a final exhibition at Woman Made Gallery, from October 26th through October 31st. 
Teaching Artists: Silvia Gonzalez and Jeanette Perkal
Photography: Silvia Gonzalez
Centro Autonomo in Albany Park Artist Statement of Works:
A group of artists from Albany Park came together at the Centro Autónomo with the initial intention to make art around themes of community and relationships. Over the course of our workshops, other important themes emerged, including light and darkness, cycles, interdependence, nature, body consciousness, change, and personal history. Through the use of light and shadow, we created sun-exposed prints that served to identify how individual objects could be organized together in time and space. In our explorations of other printmaking and image transfer techniques, we became conscious of our hands and bodies in motion, sharing and reflecting on our personal herstories as they emerged symbolically and through organic patterns. Throughout our creative explorations, artists acknowledged the emergence of a sense of solidarity and support, which guided our newly-formed community as we worked to uplift one another through shared stories and mutual empowerment.
Un grupo de artistas de Albany Park  se reunieron en el Centro Autónomo con la intención inicial de hacer arte alrededor de temas de comunidad y relaciones. Durante los talleres, otros temas importantes aparecieron, incluyendo luz e oscuridad, ciclos, interdependencia, naturaleza, consciencia del cuerpo, cambio, e historia personal. Usando luz y sombra, hicimos impresiones de sol que sirvieron para identificar como los objetos individuales podrían estar organizados juntos en tiempo e espacio. En nuestra exploración de otros tipos de impresiones y transferencias, tomamos consciencia de nuestras manos y cuerpos en movimiento, compartiendo y reflejando en nuestras propias historias mientras surgieron simbólicamente otros estampados orgánicos. A través de nuestras exploraciones creativas, las artistas reconocieron la aparición de un sentido de solidaridad e apoyo, que guió nuestra nueva comunidad mientras trabajamos para elevarnos  unas a otras, a través de sus historias compartidas y apoderamiento mutuo.
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