Northwestern Academy Student Work 2015

Northwestern Academy Summer Curriculum: Supporting questions: How do artists explore identity in their work? How do artists form ideas of community in their work? How does art reflect and impact community values? How does history provide a context from which artists can transform, and translate experiences across time? What is the role of art/ artist in sustaining, representing and creating culture? How do artists use different mediums to interact with audiences/public space? How are artists creating, disrupting, intervening, questioning, or sustaining culture/history? Students will be able to: Research ways in which artists have historically created from societal contexts to nurture cultural values. Identify the methods artists utilize to create work that reflects both personal and political narratives. Create work that reflects an understanding of personal identity, cultural influence, and community values. Develop visual and written literacy skills to interpret meaning from works of art. Mediums: Collage, drawing, site responsive/specific work, performance, poetry/writing, research, mixed media.

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