As part of the Dia De Los Muertos Exhibition at the National Mexican Museum of Art, the Velíz concept answers the question, “What would you take with you when you die?” You are free to pack it with visuals that answer this question for you. It is inspired by the many Mesoamerican shaft tombs where individuals were buried with objects and gear for the next life.
Title: Tierra | Madre | Mother | Ship, Year: 2018, Media: Collage, Sculpture, Installation, Flowers, Print
Artist Statement: 
Dedicated to matriarchal lineage. The cactus women holding their own water. The ones that carry Aztlán in womb. The ones that left and came back or left and couldn't or left and made a new space altogether. For the anatomy of bloom. For the theory of relativity. For the lovers woven into volcanoes. For the voyage north into the strange world. For re-membering.
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